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The Future of Venture Building




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3z3 Labs

Venture Through The Power of Community Governance

3z3 Labs governs the power of the community. Our community-driven approach allows members to discuss challenges and collectively develop solutions that benefit everyone. 


At 3z3, each active member of the community will be rewarded with governance tokens giving them the ability to network, contribute, build, VOTE, and launch decentralized infrastructure on 3z3 Labs.


How It Works


Join Community Forums


Actively contribute to the forums to earn governance tokens


Vote on proposals

and build.


3z3 invests from the treasury.

Members earn equity.

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Investment & Research Thesis

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Decoding & Democratizing Web3

Web3 manifests itself as a need to innovate through new technologies empowered by the movement that people worldwide see a shift in how the internet is viewed and valued for their participation.

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Governance & Growth in Modern Society

The centralized power of information is no more limited to multinational corporations such as Google, Facebook, or Amazon. It is now so pervasive that power & influence is increasingly felt by smaller and smaller players impacting all of our lives. The web as we know it today is in an existential crisis. But it is far from being dead. It is already showing signs of recovery.

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Unlocking The Potential of Decentralized Data

The cry of 'for your data, for your freedom' has echoed through the web for the last 25 years. It was whispered as a promise by the first wave of internet pioneers. They were building the future in a certain way, making promises that could not be kept. The promises started to fade as greed and illusions took center stage. As we collectively understand, internet data is not the only thing that can be harnessed and shared for profit.

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